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Studying abroad in Philippines

My name is Kido, the CEO of CURIOUS WORLD ACADEMY. We started our company with cloud funding from ordinary people.
Starting as a small online English tutoring company, with support from great number of people, we have worked with over 50 school organizations and local government. And now, we have come to establish a school in Cebu.
We are aiming to introduce you to "CURIOUS WORLD" that are hidden all around the world and make you happy and smile.
From now on, more than ever, technologies start progressing at an accelerating pace, and our life styles and business will make a great change accordingly.
We, CURIOUS WORLD ACADEMY, continue challenging to contribute to the future with our company philosophy "delivering happiness and smile to the world through borderless economy" in mind.

4 reasons to choose CWA

Practicing our full knowledge that we gained through online study abroad, we propose "new styles of study abroad after covid-19"!

we can support your successful study abroad in Cebu by conducting a careful pre-counseling.We also responsively support you to complete the complicated immigration procedures and filling in all the necessary documents.

Teachers specialized in academic English

Evaluated high lesson skills and humanity, they have been teaching at many school organization. Teachers for IELTS courses are college educated and have over 7.0 score on IELTS and TESOL certificates.

made to order

By conducting English level test and 1on1 counseling (including shipping your learning materials). before leaving, we can make your study abroad efficient.

Secured study environment

the building is clean as it was built in was constructed by Japanese and you can spend comfortable time there.we have several security staff on site 24/7.

Consistent English learning

you can expect to improve your English even after getting back home as we have established the consistent learning system.

what is studying abroad in Cebu like?

Studying abroad in Philippines

It is a new style of study abroad. you will be spending every day exposed to English by taking man to man lessons up to 7hrs a day.its becoming a recent trend with its absolutely abundant hours of studying.this program is often used by beginners particularly who want to get used to English and get ready for advancing to college abroad.

Cebu island is only a few hours away from your country and you can easily study English abroad on a weekly basis.

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About us

Cebu city and Mandaue city are two big cities that form the metropolis. Mandaue area is the first area you come across when you leave Mactan island, where there is airport, for Cebu Island. The whole process from designing to constructing the building was supervised by Japanese (2014) and you will be able to learn English feeling at home.

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