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curious world academy

Lessons by experienced teachers

excellent teachers

They have experiences teaching English at a lot of schools, and their humanity and skills are highly evaluated

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perfect environment for studying

we provide the environment as stress free as possible.

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what is studying abroad in Cebu like?

Studying abroad in Philippines

It is a new style of study abroad. you will be spending every day exposed to English by taking man to man lessons up to 7hrs a day.its becoming a recent trend with its absolutely abundant hours of studying.this program is often used by beginners particularly who want to get used to English and get ready for advancing to college abroad.

Cebu island is only a few hours away from your country and you can easily study English abroad on a weekly basis.

Our Courses

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We propose a new style of study abroad Completing the time-wasting process, which has conventionally been done after arriving, “beforehand”, we would like you to make the most of your precious time out there.

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We have released our English website
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We provide many opportunities for students to interact with such as picnic in Mactan island and Whale shark tour in Oslob

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